DewDropNatureCureCentral is my dream. Before I am a student of NATUROPATHY, struggled many times to continue my education. My body care centre(primary name is DewDrop body care center) made me to stand economically. Idea of running a body care centre is very important for to me keep economically strong and it is useful giving employment to others. I started my life as NATUROPATHY student on oct,2008. before that I am a student of BA distance education. Now I am a student of BNYS(2008-2014) batch. I learned many things here. but they are all very small comparing to my experiences, which helped me to become a tough person.

As I am improving my self step by step..... problems also driven me in to different conditions. Before I am a NATUROPATHY student, learned basics in many systems such as Yoga, Reflexology, Physiotherapy, Human Psychology, Lab Diagnostics, Diet,HydroTherapy, Pain Management and many other things by reading books and applying those techniques on me. This gave me good experience on those methods.

As I lost my regular career, I done all this to start a business related to Spa and yoga. With help of my friends who are interested in business, started a small body care center for my daily bread. Away from home for so many days. As I am getting money, my mind again started thinking about studies. My well wishers also suggested me to take subject related to medicine. Again I've started my career as BNYS student in the year 2008, but did not left my body care center. I used to apply my knowledge gained before and as a BNYS.

BNYS shined my knowledge.

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