To attract the youth, first we announced gym. Students from near by colleges started coming to our gym. I messed up this with yogic practice. As gym people use to do their workouts as fast as possible and also high weights. But I suggested them to use low weights and slow practice. It gave good results without side effects...... We got this result only using simple equipment which is near to me. Combination of equipment and some Yoga resulted a good method of fitness.

fit-ball yoga: 

Some yoga postures will give high benefits when we do it on fit-ball.

The following postures are applicable to do fit-ball yoga.

1.Hasta Uttanasana 2.Kati Chalana(standing) 3.Pada Uttanasana 4.Chakrasana 5.Naukasana 6.Salabhasana When these asanas are practiced regularly with fit-ball, shows a tremendous effect. Fitness will be improved with in 20 days.


There is no other thing to compensate Yoga in keeping body and mind in fitness,and also giving treatment for long term ailments. A very simple posture can also give a wonderful result. If we practice surya namaskara for six to ten rounds it's equal to 1hr heavy exercise. When we practice, need an order ***** Chanting Yoga mantra=>Warm up by moving every joint in body=>Standing postures=>supine postures=>prone postures=>sitting postures=>Pranayamas=>Meditations=>ending by mantra........

Cyclic meditation:

This is the combination of simple Yoga postures and meditation techniques. If you don't know can also practice it with some slow movements, even pretending as doing any regular work. Practicing this process for 4hrs per week can change your health condition to a good angle...... I am explaining you this with my personal experience. If you practice cyclic meditation regularly you can definitely get relief from ***insomnia ***hypertension ***diabetes ***obesity ***migraine ***vertigo ***heart ailments ***psychological problems ***********so many other health conditions and you can keep these all ailments as orphans. I gave this to many of my patients who are in stress conditions. I learned this after becoming BNYS student. I got good command on it, as our Principal gave me more chances to conduct the sessions.

Relaxation techniques:

I learned some relaxation techniques in our college which became useful at my Body care centre

Inter-Intra Body Cosmic Energy Transfer Therapy(IIBCETT) : This is my invention by the combining the methods of Nature Cure and techniques of meditation. The people who believe in cosmic energy and vital energy can understand this process very well. I'll prove it scientifically after completing my research and education. In my experience I understood this method is very useful Paralytic conditions also.

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