InterIntraBodyCosmicEnergyTransferTherapy (IIBCETT)

 This is my small invention by the combining the Nature Cure methods and Meditation techniques. This is only a simple process depends on the principle Law of conservation of energy ("Energy can neither be created nor it is destroyed, however, energy can be, converted from one form energy to any other form of energy") 

As it was the principle of physics, it's applicable here also.

Every organism, object, element, even a lifeless stone also contains internal energy. The cosmic energy travels from the deep universe and spreads everywhere. Everything will receive this energy and store this according to their capacity, and releases the energy continues or frequent. According to physics, every element is an absorber and also an emitter. But the absorption and emitting will depend upon its capacity.

According to another principle of physics between any two objects, there will be some attractive and repulsive forces. I got some success in applying these physics principles to Nature cure methods, Yoga and Meditation.

And I used this inverse square law(F=Gm1m2/r2 ) and another principle "energy flow will be from a higher energy source to lower energy source".

When compared......human being also an object in this universe. It has the capacity of absorption, as well as the sharing of energy. I'd this basic principle to know the energy transfer between the bodies during the mob meditation practice. Like this, the transfer of energy will take in between organs and also between the cells in micro level. This is the main principle in "Inter-Intra Body Cosmic Energy Transfer Therapy (IIBCETT)". Then I improvised this process to apply on a single person.

Here, consider each cell in a human being as a single object, and human being as Universe. The Law of conservation of energy and Inverse-square law are applicable here. To apply this technique the person must and should know about cosmic energy changes of his own body. At starting, I confirmed that this is a combination of different Naturopathy techniques. Now I am going to explain that how I applied this to some people for some experience, and what response came from them.

I am not able to say that anybody tried this technique or practising this process with some other name. Anything may be possible in wast world. We can't say this as an invention. Because we can't get a result when it has no presence. But I didn't get any information while I am searching on the internet. Then I started writing this.....

I need to confirm another thing, I've learned this process with the help of my friends, teachers, my well-wishers, experimental cases, and many other people who supported me to think different in many cases....... Especially my special thanks to our principal Dr.Satyanand, who gave me more and more chances to be with many patients........ and gave me more yoga sessions to know more about yoga. And also for giving me chance to create new programs.

Visit the following page to know the procedure 

Procedure (IIBCETT)

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