Here is the procedure (TCM)

Cyclic Meditation is a process that awakens your Psychic energy(internal energy) automatically with a small effort and allows it to spread equal all over the body.... even to an ultimate corner...!!!

This designed method of CyclicMeditation is a combination of very simple movements, even a small child can use this and get the benefit. This Cyclic Meditation is a different method from all meditation techniques which are following by so many people nowadays. This is a simple method that will give an extraordinary result. 

Cyclic Meditation is a combination of simple movements (or) basic Yoga postures. As so many people are not able to follow this method with the combination of Yoga postures, I am giving this process with a bunch of simple movements. You may able to apply this method on you very easy and can get a good result on the first day itself.........

The main plus point is  “a comfortable small area itself at anyplace is enough to use this method.”

The procedure explained here is for the people who are not familiar with Yoga, who can not effort more time, who are not capable of strain more.

Into the process

As I said at first 'this process is designed with simple movements and positions.'

It contains standing and sitting positions. The main object in this method is "'need to close your eyes till the end of the process.'

Standing positions:

Stand straight in a comfortable place, toes forward, soles should feel the touching sensation of the floor. Your hands should be straight downwards and palms should face towards your body. Look forward and fix your view at any point, concentrate, try to relax, slowly relax your body(try to keep body free), try to concentrate and slowly close your eyes


*Standing position 1:

In this position, slowly bring your hands forward at the level of the naval region, interlock your fingers, slowly raise both hands in front of your chest, and slowly over the head, then try to stand on your toes. Slowly come back in a reverse manner. Repeat this process five times and relax in standing position for a few seconds.

*Standing position 2:

After this keep your legs at two or three feet distance, slowly raise your Rt hand sidewards, palm facing downwards. After reaching up to the shoulder level, face the palm upward and raise the hand over the head. Slowly bend towards left and slide the Lt hand over the Lt leg. Bend as much as you can and slowly come back in a reverse manner. Continue this process on the opposite side. Repeat it five times and relax for a few seconds.

*Standing position 3:

Then, keep your legs at the same distance as in the previous position and slowly raise your both hands up to the shoulder level, palms facing downwards. Bend at your Rt knee and keep Lt leg straight. Repeat on the other side. Repeat it five times and relax

*Standing position 4:

Then, slowly bring your legs together, raise both the hands forward, palms facing downwards. Slowly raise both the hands over the head. Slowly come back. Then, slowly raise both hands sidewards up to the shoulder level, palms facing downwards. Then slowly over the head, palms facing each other. Repeat this five times and come to the normal position. Slowly continue to sitting positions.

Sitting positions:

After completing the standing positions, slowly continue to sitting positions. In sitting positions, you need to observe your body changes very carefully. Because the spreading of psychic energy(internal energy) will be at the peak level at this stage. It'll turn into an attractive or repulsive force. You need to concentrate here!!!

*Sitting position 1:

Slowly sit down with legs folded. Bring your hands forward, interlock your fingers, keep the interlocked fingers in front of the naval region. Relax for a few seconds. Now slowly bring your hands sideward. Raise both the hands sideward up to the shoulder level, palms facing downwards and raise over the head. While raising hands over the head palms should face each other. Repeat this for more than six times. Observe the changes!!!

*Sitting position 2:

Relax for a few seconds. Bring your hands forward up to the shoulder level with palms facing downwards and over the head palms facing each other, repeat for more than six times. Feel the heaviness of the hands, enjoy the heaviness of the body. Observe the changes!!! ......continued

*Sitting position 3:

Then, slowly bring your both the hands forward, palms facing each other and touching each other. Hands should be maintained at your shoulder level. At the same level, try to take your hands backwards as much as possible. Bring your hands forward and backwards with palms facing each other and the movements should be very slow. You can observe the magnetic field between your palms. The magnetic field formed in your body will be shown in your palms. You can observe attractive or repulsive forces between your hands. These forces will reveal your health condition. Please try to improve attractive forces. The formation of attractive forces is a positive sign. Practising this process for fifteen days will help you to bring positive energy. After completing all the movements slowly open your eyes. You will get an ultimate feel that which I am not able to explain to you here.

The Main object in CyclicMeditation:

According to Yogic philosophy, our body has six chakras(shat chakras) and the energy flow between these chakras should be regular. These chakras are nothing but the energy centres which are situated in different regions of our body.

They are...

A(g)jna Chakra --- Situated at Pituitary gland region

Vishudhini --- Situated at Thyroid

Anahatha --- Situated at Thymus

Manipura --- Situated at Naval(gastric)

Svadhishthana --- Situated at Genital

Muladhara --- Situated at Anal

The other Chakra which was not mentioned above is 'Sahasrara', situated in the Pineal body. 

This is the final destination for the flow of psychic(internal) energy.

If we observe... we can understand that these Chakras are related to 'endocrine bodies', and this endocrine system has a leading role in the maintenance of an organism. The energy flow should be always from Muladhara to A(g)jna Chakra. When this flow of energy is disturbed, it will lead to the heath disturbances ''either physical or mental.'' Sometimes, when the energy flow is broken and it is stagnated at any of these Chakras, the character of that particular Chakra will show an impact on our body. We need to maintain the energy flow regularly, to maintain regular health. Every Chakra needs to maintain an equal distributed part of the energy. Then, the physical and mental body will be in equilibrium. This is the ultimate level of health.

During the CyclicMeditation process, every part of your body will try to attain rhythm. You'll gain this rhythm with regular practice. When you are at starting positions, you can observe a slow rise in body temperature. This will indicates, that you've started awakening your energy. After some repeated actions... you can identify your position, as you are in front of a mirror. Slowly you'll feel the heaviness of your body. This will indicates the formation of magnetic fields in your body. Your body attains magnetic property. In sitting positions, when you bring your hands closer, you may observe this magnetic property very clear. As I said at first, these attractive or repulsive forces reveal your health condition and energy levels. Try to attain attractive forces between your palms!!!

This designated procedure is very equal to deep relaxation techniques (DRT) which is very famous nowadays, used by many stress-relieving Gurus...

Can we adopt the CyclicMeditation movements according to our body language and profession.....??

Yes, we can... The main aspect of CM is only to close our eyes until a definite time. In between, we can use any easy movements according to our body language and profession. Don't think I am using these words to mesmerize you. I am trying to keep you get benefited simply. When we are getting benefits from our regular lifestyle movements it is very easy to adopt and very easy to get a good result in a limited time.

I'll clear your doubt on how our body language can be used as a meditation process... We can take someone has body language like touching his lower lip with his right-hand index finger as an example. In common..... he can do it very clear when his eyes are opened. What is his standard for doing this same thing with closed eyes? Try it once. You can do it very easily in a fraction of second. Now take 5 seconds to do the same action with closed eyes! Repeat the same action for 4 or 5 times. Don't open your eyes. Then take 10 seconds to complete the same action. What is the result....?? In the first condition, you can feel the touch and able to identify the spot where you are touching. In the second condition, you'll be able to observe the whole movement but feel some difficulty in finding a particular point. In the third condition, you'll be able to find a particular point and able to find your movements as in front of the mirror. You'll be able to experience the magnetic effect between the two points.

How can we follow it according to our profession.....?? 

Every profession will have some particular movements. These particular movements can be used in this process to make yourself convenient for adapting to this technique. For example...., If you are a professional dancer.... select your favourite move and close your eyes. Practice it in your regular time. Slowly take more time to complete that particular movement. Means... if your move takes ten seconds, make it twenty seconds, and thirty seconds. The effect will be the same :)

A painter can try his small paint with closed eyes. You can use your hobbies to follow this technique. Even you can use your daily routine movements. You will be able to concentrate on yourself automatically. There is nothing to pay attention to or to use more effort.

Yoga poses can be adopted are.....

Standing - Tadasana, arthachakrasana, padahastasana, trikonasana, tarasana, veerabhadrasana, katichalana.

Lying poses - padauttanasana, vipareetakarni, sarvangasana, halasana, katichalana, setuasana.

Sitting - padmasana, baddapadmasana, bhoonamana.


• A small tip to improve concentration :

This is a small tip for people of all ages, all professions, and sexes. There is no limit for this tip. Everyone could follow this method very easily and can get benefited. While going to bed, lay on your back relaxed. Observe your body complete with closed eyes. Try to remember every action done by you from morning to this time. At first, it may be difficult. Day by day you'll be able to improve. One day, you'll be able to revise your day within 10mins."

***Try it & Get benefited***

Indications: diabetes, hypertension, insomnia, psychological problems, stress, stress condition, mental health, back stiffness, body pains, vertigo, memory loss, sexual problems